4 Signs You Need Toilet Repairs

The toilet is the most used appliance in the house. Used multiple times a day by multiple people, it is understandable that a toilet will break down and need maintenance. Here are some signs that you need toilet repairs:

Signs of Toilet Repairs


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Leaking around the base is never good. This could mean that your seal needs to be replaced, or something more serious like cracks in the porcelain bowl for which there are no repairs for and a new toilet replacement is the only option.

Toilet Constantly Running

If you hear it constantly sounding like it is being flushed even when it is not, this could be an indication of a broken flapper or float. Those types of toilet repairs are generally small and affordable, but if you wait too long and the problem worsens, you might have to get a whole new toilet.

Constant Clogging

A clog now and then is normal. If your toilet is clogging weekly, this indicates that you could have a blockage deep down in your piping. A professional cleaning can clear that clog for good.

The Bowl Doesn’t Refill With Water

if after you flush, the toilet doesn’t refill with water, you need a new fill valve. Making sure it fits properly and is correctly installed is key to making sure your toilet drains and refills with water correctly.

Many of the plumbing leads we get are for toilet related issues. So don’t hesitate to call Twin Town Plumbing; experts in the field.

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