Affordable Sewer Lift Station Services

Typically, buildings are constructed with a sewer system that runs down to the main sewer pipe. However, some buildings are built lower than the main sewer line level, causing the need to push the wastewater to the main sewer line. Lift stations, also known as pump stations, push your wastewater upward toward the main sewer line to protect against backups, leaks, and clogged pipes. Dial (818) 748-8615 If you need effective sewer lift station repair or installation around Tujunga, CA that you can depend on.

What is a Sewer Lift Station?

Our Plumbers Can Assist You With Your Sewer Lift Station Repair

Your sewer lift station is built to use a pump to push sewage from your home in an upward flow toward the main pipe. Grinder and ejector pumps are two varieties of pump systems that can be available with your sewer lift station. Sewage ejector and lift station pumps are similar in that they both push waste from the house to the city sewer lines. Sewer lift station pumps have alarms that go off to warn owners that problems have arisen, like when waste levels are too high and not draining, whereas sewage ejector pumps typically don’t have these. Our professional technicians provide information about system options, costs, and performance so you can make the perfect decision about your pump station. Contact our experts at (818) 748-8615 to learn about your sewer lift station choices around Tujunga, CA and which system is best for your needs.

Pump Station Repair and Maintenance

Your pump station not only has a pump but includes a pipe and valve system as well as a junction box. If these parts become worn or damaged, they may contribute leaks within your pipes or backups in your drains. To avoid these disgusting and potentially dangerous situations, it’s important to ensure that your lift station’s components are always in top condition. Our experts can easily take care of any kind of lift station damage, from clogged pipes to motor burnout. We will completely evaluate your system and provide realistic options that are affordable and reliable. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable to complete your repairs quickly and affordably. Don’t let your sewer system to get the best of you. Call Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter at  (818) 748-8615 to schedule your appointment to receive efficient and affordable sewer lift station repair or installation throughout Tujunga, CA today.