Gas Leak Detection Services

Are you worried that you may have a gas leak at your home? When you see signs that you may have a gas leak, you should treat it very seriously. Natural gas is both highly flammable and poisonous to people, so at the first sign of a leak, you should be quick to call professionals. If you think you have a gas leak in your home or business in the Tujunga, CA area, call our technicians immediately at (818) 748-8615.

Dangers and Signs of Gas Leaks

Because natural gas is so hazardous to humans, it’s vital to know how to spot the indicators of a gas leak along with what to do when you are concerned that you may have one in your home. First and foremost, when you think you may have a gas leak, leave with your family and pets immediately. Speak with a technician immediately if any of these indicators are noticed.

Signs You Have a Gas Leak:

Gas Leaks Are Dangerous and Need To Repaired Immediately

Rotten Egg or Sulfur Smell: Natural gas leaks can be detected by the unusual rotten egg smell they expel. Because natural gas is odorless by nature, this sulfuric-smelling aroma is added as a safety measure.

Dead Plants: Outside, there may be dead foliage near the leak point, which is a good indicator of where repairs will need to happen.

Feeling Dizzy or Nauseous: Inhaling this toxic gas will obviously have negative effects on the body, the most noticeable being sudden feelings of nausea and faint.

Hissing Sound: Gas leaks can sometimes be noticed by the hissing sound made as the gas escapes the pipes from a hidden leak or crack.

Headaches and Fatigue: Breathing in natural gas causes you to lose oxygen, making you feel sleepy as you go unconscious. Lightheadedness can also make you feel like you have a headache.

Throat and Eye Irritation: Gas will irritate eyes, nose, and throat after prolonged contact. Inhaling gas will make your throat feel dry and you will have trouble inhaling and it will make it feel like it is difficult to breathe.


Gas Leak Prevention

Home Gas Leak Detectors Alert When Gas Or Carbon Monoxide Is Present

You can prevent many gas leaks simply by properly servicing your gas appliances. During maintenance efforts, your technicians can spot wear and tear or damage that can cause issues and repairing them. Here at Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter, we are trained and certified in gas repair and installation and use the latest gas leak detection devices and equipment to accurately and quickly fix your gas line. If you suspect that your home has a gas leak, call our experts now at (818) 748-8615. We provide emergency repair services, and we are glad to offer fast and cost-effective gas leak detection around Tujunga, CA!