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Are you searching for a dependable plumbing contractor? Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter is the plumber you can rely on! As industry leading professionals, we are experienced technicians that have been serving this community for a long time. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we work hard to offer high-quality plumbing repairs across the Tujunga, CA area.

By remaining in step with our own Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter standards of performance, our team provides consistently reliable services time after time. Our skilled staff is thoroughly trained and heavily experienced in every aspect of residential and commercial plumbing. All of our plumbers are also highly experienced in customer service as well, to guarantee you are assisted by a courteous as well as a trustworthy plumbing contractor. To speak to a plumbing contractor, call Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter today at (818) 748-8615.

Plumbing Specialists

Our Plumbing Contractor Can Repair Any Plumbing Issue You Have!

Plumbing issues can be very frustrating, but with an experienced and trained plumbing contractor at your service, everything goes much more smoothly. When you require a plumbing contractor in Tujunga, CA with plenty of expertise, look no further than Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter. Regardless of what your plumbing requirements may be, our technicians are talented enough to finish the job right. No matter if you want our help in your home or your business, our experts can work anywhere, and on any brands. The plumbing services we provide are available for you to explore below. However, if you do not see what you are searching for, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (818) 748-8615. There are plenty of specialty services our technicians are experienced in, so even if it isn’t listed here, chances are that we can help you!

  • Water Line Repairs Your water line is what gives water to each faucet in the house. If it is damaged, the whole home could be without water.
  • Busted, Rusted & Broken Pipe Repair / Replacement Broken pipes can wreak havoc on your whole plumbing system, so getting them repaired immediately is key.
  • Backflow Testing & Repair Backflow is a nasty health hazard. We can test for backflow and install a prevention valve to stop it from happening.
  • Pressure Tank Repair & Install If you are having problems with your pressure tank, you will need to get repairs sooner rather than later.
  • Plumbing Video Camera Inspection If you might suspect a hidden leak, contact us for our affordable video camera plumbing inspection procedures.
  • Whole House repiping A whole house repiping service is required when your pipes have gotten to old to keep functioning efficiently.
  • Hose bib replacement If the hose bib on the exterior of your home is in need of replacement, you’ve come to the right contractors for the job!
  • Water pressure booster If the water pressure within your house is beginning to have issues, a water pressure booster can help get things working correctly again.
  • Frozen pipe repair Frozen pipes occur when water freezes in the pipes and they expand until they burst. Keeping water flowing helping prevent freezing.
  • Main Line Plumbing Repair If your main water line is broken, or if you notice anything out of the ordinary, be sure to give our crew a shout!
  • Residential Plumbing Company If you are a homeowner and need any plumbing repairs or installations, call our plumbing company today!
  • Clogged Drain Cleaning Clogged drains are a common occurrence, but that doesn’t mean they need to stick around! Call us for clogged drain cleaning and repairs.
  • Slab Leak Repair Slab leaks are when pipes burst and leak behind your foundation, leading to foundation shifts and mold.
  • Leak Repair If you need leak repair from a burst pipe or any damaged plumbing, our expert plumbers can fix them right away.

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At Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter, we are proud of the extensive services we offer to take care of our customers’ plumbing needs! Regardless of how tricky the plumbing problem may seem, we are sure our expert team can locate the ideal solution. Our plumbers can take care of all your drain cleaning needs. We also provide pipe inspections, during which we can look at the conditions of your pipes and let you know of any requirement for replacement. When you want an expert plumbing contractor in Tujunga, CA, contact us at (818) 748-8615! Integrity is critical to our team, so we work hard to supply better service than alternative plumbing companies. After a thorough inspection, our plumbers provide you with a clearly defined, written estimate, so you know exactly which services your house requires, in addition to the cost.