Slab Leak Repair Solutions

Slab Leak Repair Projects Are Big and Costly But Are Necessary To Save Your Home

Does your house have water pooling in your basement or some other symptom of a potential slab leak? Extremely destructive and hard to find, slab leaks are the type of plumbing problems that definitely need expert assistance. When you are already noticing water pooling in your basement, you need to act fast, as this means the damage is definitely spread throughout your slab. When you require affordable slab leak repair in Tujunga, CA, don’t wait. Give our plumbers a call at (818) 748-8615 as soon as possible. At Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter, our plumbers have plenty of experience with this complex as well as hard procedure, and we always find an efficient solution for slab leak repair.

Slab Leak Indications

Slab Leaks Can Be Identified By Cracks In Foundation That Can Lead Up The Walls

Though all leaks can be destructive and a hassle, slab leaks are especially destructive because they can stay undetected for such a long time. Slab leaks will only be seen early on if residents pay careful attention to any fluctuations in the water bill. An additional smart technique to be prepared for slab leaks is to occasionally turn off the water inside your home, and check out the reading on the water meter. If all of the water in your house is turned off, but the water meter is still running, there is a leak located in your plumbing. The earlier your family recognizes a slab leak, the faster and more efficient the slab leak repair can be!

  • Slab Leak Detection Slab leaks are hard to identify, which is why expert tools like leak detectors are used to find the water behind your foundation.
  • What is a Slab Leak? Slab leaks are where water pipes under your foundation behind walls and floors have burst, causing your house to shift and mold.

Slab Leak Repair Services

A slab leak, specifically a leak in the main line underneath the foundation of your house, creates extensive damage, relatively unnoticed for a long duration of time. Though slab leaks reveal themselves in time in the form of water leaking on your home’s ground floor or in the basement, know that it is best for your house when you can detect the issue far before that happens. Mind the advice above, and give Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter a call at the earliest indication of leaks at (818) 748-8615. Our plumbers have years of expertise supplying professional slab leak repair in Tujunga, CA, and we are prepared to help you find a quick and efficient answer to your slab leak!