Expert Slab Leak Detection Services

We Use Slab Leak Detection Tools To Exactly Find the Leaks Beneath Your Foundation

If you have never heard of a slab leak, good. A slab leak is a monstrous repair job that requires uprooting a lot of your home’s foundation to get to the piping underneath. This is necessary in order to replace burst pipes that have leaked beneath your floors and behind your walls. If the slab leak is not taken care of, mold, sinkholes, and the cracking foundation will occur. Slab leaks can be hard to pinpoint exactly where they are behind the foundation, so plumbers use special slab leak detection equipment to find and repair it. If you live in Tujunga, CA and need slab leak detection services, call Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter at (818) 748-8615.

How Do You Detect a Slab Leak?

Water Damage and Mold are Signs of A Slab Leak

While slab leaks are hard to see with your eyes, there are other ways to identify it using your other senses. If you hear running water even when all the faucets are turned off, that is because water is leaking out of the burst pipes behind your slab or foundation. Look for mold on your floors, ceiling, and walls. Mold only grows in water, and an abundance of mold can tell you where an abundance of water is leaking in your slab. Unexplained spikes in your water bill can also clue you into a leak. For slab leak detection in Tujunga, CA, call our team at (818) 748-8615.

Plumbers like Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter have special slab leak detection equipment like electromagnetic amplification and pipeline locators that can non-invasively identify the leak underneath your foundation. When the leak is detected, our team can then open up the foundation to get to the burst pipes and repipe your plumbing so you will not have another slab leak disaster.

Call For Slab Leak Detection Services

Do not wait if you have already seen cracks or shifts in your foundation. That means that leaking could already be taking place, and the longer you wait, the more damage gets done. For slab leak detection in Tujunga, CA by the professionals at Twin Town Plumbing and Rooter, call (818) 748-8615.